Just for fun - Ampersand &


I love ampersands; I have them all over my home.  On print, wood cut outs, and now in cookie cutter form.  Something about the curves and the positive and negative space brings me joy.  I like the idea of there always being something more.  It makes me think "and something better is coming."  A positive outlook on life is essential for a happy life.

I saw the Helvetica letter set when I was at Cookie Con in March.  I fell in love with it and purchased it soon after.  The graphic designer in me loves anything typography related, and Helvetica is kind of a big deal in the graphic design world.  One day when I was on Esty, I found this shop with a Helvetica ampersand cookie cutter (the shop is on summer vacation currently).  I thought it would work perfectly with my Helvetica letters.



There is nothing really special in decorating these cookies.  I used a few icing colors I had left over from some recently completed cookies.  To add a bit of pattern to the cookies, I used this stencil to create the effect.  I purchased my stencil at Micheal's.  I think it's a really fun stencil and can't wait to use it again.  I used the silver Wilton's Color Mist.