I have been attending regular hot yoga practice for a year and a half now.  I practice almost everyday.  I don't know what keeps me going back, but everyday I drive the 20 miles round trip to attend class.  I LOVE my yoga studio.  The studio I attend is Bend Hot Yoga Prescott.  Everyone there is so friendly.  Earlier this year the studio became certified to teach the yoga teacher training classes.  The first class is having their graduation today and I was asked to make some cookies for the occasion. 

© Yoga Pose Cookies

The yoga pose cookie cutter were loaned to me by one of my yoga instructors.  They can be purchased here.  I stuck to a pretty simple color palette.  Purple is used predominantly at Bend and in their logo, so I went with that color.  I had many ideas on how to decorate the yoga pose cookies.  I thought of doing silhouettes of the poses or "subway art" look with the pose name in English and Sanskrit.  Finally I landed on using henna designs.  I found some images online and based my designs off those.  I piped the designs on with a PME number 0 tip.

Bend Hot Yoga Cookies

It's always challenging to create a logo in cookie form, but I took on the challenge.  Writing on a cookie is another challenging thing.  So I decided to write a lot on these cookies.  The words on the cookies are the closing saying that is said at the end of every yoga class at Bend.  I did it solely off of memory and I hope I remembered it correctly.  I used this same zig- zag cutter earlier this year to make these cookies for a scrap-booking set.  I received it in my "swag bag" from Cookie Con, it can be purchased here.  I didn't think I would use the cutter when I got it, but it's come in very handy.

Congratulations to Jon, Stephanie, and Katie on completing their yoga teacher training!