Hello my name is Tina Tschida.  I've been decorating sugar cookies since 2001. I know that's a long time, I just LOVE making sugar cookies.  It all started when I picked up a December issue of Martha Stewart.  She had the most beautiful snowflake sugar cookies.  I said to myself "I can do that".  I started making cookies for family holidays, work pot-lucks, and social events.  I had so much fun making cookies that I never stopped.  Now I'm going to share my cookie experiences here on the Cheetah Cookie blog.

I've always been a creative person.  When I was young, I said I wanted to be an artist.  Today I'm a cookie artist.  Originally I wanted to become an interior designer and I have a degree in.  Recently I completed my small business/entrepreneurship certificate.  I'm still working towards a degree in graphic design and photography.  I hope you enjoy my website as much as I enjoy making these cookie creations!