#Tinamakespies- Birthday S'more Pie

Today is my birthday!  I was asked by a few people if I was making cookies for my birthday.  No, I wanted to make a pie instead.  S'more pie just sounded heavenly.  How can you go wrong with graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows on your birthday?  I followed the recipe out of my pie book again.  The book had two s'more pie recipes, one was an ice cream version, and the other had chocolate mousse.  I really wanted a pie that did not require  being refrigerated or frozen.  So I went with Bev's brownie pie.  It already had a few key parts, like a graham cracker crust and chocolate.  All I had to do is add the marshmallows, and I would have my s'more pie.   

I prepared the graham cracker crust.  I LOVE the recipe from the book - It tastes so good!  I haven't mastered it quite yet.  Mine still crumbles apart when I cut it.  I will take any suggestion you have on mastering this pie crust.  I'm also loving these new small packages of graham crackers - they are less wasteful.  I used four of the small packages and it was the perfect amount.  The recipe didn't require pre-baking the crust, just refrigerating it until the filling portion was ready.  


I substituted dark chocolate for the unsweetened chocolate.  I also omitted the walnuts, which would be great for a brownie pie, but didn't work well with s'mores.  Have you used this Splenda nectresse sugar substitute?  I absolutely love it!  I've been using it lately whenever a recipe needs sugar.  It comes from Monk fruit that is more natural than other chemical sweeteners.  Monk fruit is grown in China and is known for being 300 times sweeter than sugar.  Since it is that much sweeter than sugar, you only have to use 1/4 of what a recipe warrants. The best part is that is doens't have any calories.  Yes, you heard me right - ZERO calories.  Every little bit helps right? 

The filling was butter, chocolate, and the sugar substitute melted together.  Then I added eggs, vanilla, salt, baking powder, and flour.  Once all those ingredients were mixed together, I added them to the chilled pie crust.  I baked the pie for 30 minutes.  I took it out and added the marshmallows with 3 minutes left.  The marshmallows had not browned, so I turned the broiler on.  I had the pie under the broiler for only a minute to achieve the browned marshmallows I was looking for.

s'more birthday pie.jpg

I can't wait to celebrate my birthday with this pie tonight!